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I'm really pleased with the response we've had from our first advert.  Nearly all of the enquiries we've had have turned into customers as they're good quality leads from customers who our service is perfect for.

Adam & Lorraine Devereux
Your Cleaner Home

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I have been advertising with Focus Towcester for almost 3 years and it is now the only regular advertising I do.

Rachael Savage

Simplified Accounting Limited


What a breath of fresh air you are! Talk about advertising made simple!  Thanks once again for your time, patience and expertise.  

Phil Hart
PTH Sweep Clean

PTH Sweep Clean


I placed my first advert in Focus Towcester, and before long I had received 4 calls with work which covered the cost of the advert and more.

Tim Howard

Howard Computing

Howard Computing

The Focus team are very professional and great to work with but, more importantly, advertising in Focus Brackley has brought us some really good leads and helped us find some lovely new customers in the area.

Jez Vibert

Ewe Move

The team at Focus are very easy to deal with and the magazines are interesting and well structured.

Dorothee Cape

Ofishial Foods

We will certainly be using Focus Magazines again in the future, and would highly recommend this service to others.

Frankie Palmer

Ellie Mai Toyboxes

After placing an advert within the Focus Magazine I have had a really good response.

Pete & Roger

P&R Roofing

“We have used Focus Forms for a number of years and have always had an excellent response time along with clear concise advice, fair quotes and attention to detail which is invaluable to our company and therefore we would recommend them without doubt”

www.valhallapcs.com Brenda Patterson, Valhalla Private Client Services LLP

News & Events

NAB - Fundraising CD

Local musician hopes you will buy his popular tune and help raise funds for county’s sight loss charity NAB ... £2.50 per copy


Nick Evans, a Kettering based musician is asking for the residents of Northamptonshire to get behind his latest tune called “I ‘ENT BIN NOWHERE” and help raise funds for a cause close to his heart; Northamptonshire Association for the Blind (NAB).

After dropping off a copy to BBC Radio Northampton at the end of June, Nick was delighted to get a call from the producer of Bernie Keith’s breakfast show stating that since it had been
on-air the radio station had been inundated with calls from the public wanting to buy it!

Following the recent radio interest Nick decided to release his single for charity, selecting Northamptonshire Association for the Blind to receive the proceeds from sales. He chose the longstanding charity because his wife is a volunteer at their Kettering Charity Shop, and he has also helped out.

On the 13th July Nick was invited back on Bernie’s show to talk about the single and his musical career. Over the years Nick has written and performed music in various bands including rock and blues bands, sang at the Royal Albert Hall in a choir and recorded work for TV and movies.  

He hopes the release of the single can help raise funds and awareness for NAB and encourages everyone to buy a copy!!

Visit http://www.nab.org.uk/i-ent-bin-nowhere-charity-single-as-featured-on-bbc-northampton/ to hear “I ‘ENT BIN NOWHERE” now.


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